Contoh Hortatory Exposition Text dan Cara Membuatnya

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Penggunaan Gadget Di Sekolah

Tidak hanya buku atau film saja yang memiliki genre, jenis teks atau tulisan dalam bahasa Inggris juga memiliki nama sesuai dengan kategorinya. Mulai dari analytical exposition text, explanation text, procedure text, report text, narrative text, dan lain sebagainya.

Selain itu, Anda juga bisa menggunakan jenis teks hortatory exposition sebagai acuan dalam penulisan jurnal ilmiah bahasa Inggris. Tujuan dari penerapan jenis teks ini, yaitu untuk membujuk pembaca mengenai bagaimana sesuatu dapat diselesaikan.

Contoh Hortatory Exposition Text

Hortatory exposition merupakan sebuah teks bahasa Inggris yang memiliki sifat persuasif. Umumnya, jenis teks ini digunakan sebagai penjelasan kepada pembaca terkait sesuatu yang boleh atau tidak boleh dilakukan. Tentunya jenis ini bersifat formal dan juga harus ditulis berdasarkan fakta yang ada.

Tidak heran jika hortatory exposition teks bisa Anda temukan pada bacaan jurnal ilmiah, majalah, koran, pidato akademis, artikel, dan buku ilmiah lainnya. Tidak hanya itu, jenis teks ini juga identik dengan analytical exposition. Hanya saja perbedaannya terletak pada fungsi atau tujuan teks.

Di bawah ini contoh teks hortatory exposition yang bisa Anda pahami sebelum membuatnya.

1. Contoh Hortatory Exposition tentang Handphone

Penggunaan Gadget Di Sekolah
Penggunaan Gadget Di Sekolah

Mobile Phone Must not be Used by Students in Classrooms

Young people today love to carry their mobile phone everywhere, including to school. Their mobile phone has bulky functions and features. Students can not only call and text but also take pictures, access the internet, record videos, and do many more activities. But, is it okay for students to carry their mobile phone into the classrooms? Many schools forbid their students to get their mobile phone into classrooms. Is it reasonable? What does an expert say about this? Danielle Einstein, a psychologist, said that mobile phones’ messages and apps prompt the dopamine release that create addiction. Students can easily lose their focus in studying and move their attention to their mobile phones. Besides, mobile phones provide huge temptation for those young people to cheat during the tests. We all know that smartphones today can connect everyone everywhere on this earth. It is way better for students not to carry their smartphone to the classrooms. However, if students have any emergency situation, schools must be ready to provide immediate help.

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2. Contoh Hortatory Exposition tentang Kesehatan

Never Touch Cigarette

Teenagers are at the age where they want to touch and try everything. One thing they should never touch but really want to is cigarettes. They don’t want to smoke; they only want to try. Turn out that one inhale of a friend’s cigarette makes them smoke occasionally. But it doesn’t stop since cigarettes turn them to smokers. They now can’t stop smoking because they start enjoying it. Brian King, who is the research translation’s deputy director in the Smoking and Health department of CDC’s office, stated that any cigarette including the one that is labeled as mild, ultra-mild, or light carries tar as much as the regular ones. It means all cigarette types carry the same danger. Nasty diseases like stroke, heart disease, lung disease, and long cancer list like pancreatic, lung, and bladder are waiting for anyone who just touched a cigarette and is ready to inhale the first smoke. Smokers who realize their body is being destroyed by cigarettes would love to end their addiction but then figure out that it isn’t as easy as pie. The nicotine in cigarettes that is extremely addictive will never let any smoker to stop smoking. When a smoker tries to stop smoking, some symptoms of nicotine withdrawal like irritability, headache, anxiety, restlessness, and depression will come to him. The key to avoid everything above is never touch a cigarette before you get addicted. If you have never smoked before, keep your fingers away from cigarettes.

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3. Contoh Hortatory Exposition tentang Lingkungan

Pengisian Bbm Bebas Timbal
Pengisian Bbm Bebas Timbal

Lead Must be Removed from Atmosphere and Petrol

When it comes to removing the lead from our atmosphere and petrol, there is no specific detail about any differences between driving the car in the country and city. Cars with leaded petrol actually are polluting our clear air wherever they are driven. But, when the cars travel to the country and there is only one other car in every ten minutes, everyone believes that the pollution here is not as bad as the one on the city roads. There are people who want the owners of old vehicles with leaded petrol and the vehicles themselves must be penalized. But it looks like they don’t appreciate the fact that the country has no public transport that makes old vehicles’ owners have no choice to travel unless with their old car. Country people often must travel huge distances just to get to the closest town. They already spent lots of money to get the petrol. Those country people deserve different treatment than the ones living in big cities.

Cara Membuat Teks Hortatory Exposition

Cara membuat teks hortatory exposition cukup mudah. Anda hanya perlu mengetahui terlebih dahulu karakteristik dari tulisan, seperti:

  • Pilihan kata

    Menggunakan abstract noun, action verb, thinking verb, serta temporal connective.

  • Gunakan Passive voice

    Kalimat yang ditulis harus menggunakan kalimat pasif karena berasal dari sudut pandang pertama, yakni penulis.

  • Jenis Grammar

    Grammar yang digunakan adalah simple present tense atau verb 1.

Adanya karakteristik ini bisa digunakan sebagai acuan dalam membuat teks hortatory exposition. Selain itu, Anda juga harus memiliki tulisan yang fokus, agar pembaca bisa memahami tujuan dari penulisan.

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